Weddings and special occasions


Lake Como is the perfect place to make the most important moments of your life, unforgettable.

The covered verandah at Crotto overlooking the lake, offers the perfect setting for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and work dinners.

The restaurant has a large selection of menus for weddings and banquets which cater to the smallest detail; from serving an aperetif down by the lake, to the choice of dishes, the wine, floral arrangements and decorations.

 We also offer the possibility of visiting the lake centre, Bellagio and the famous Balbianello point (as featured in Star Wars and James Bondís Casino Royale) by small ferry boat (max. 25/30 passengers). This mode of transport is ideal for couples who wish to have their photos taken in the gardens or villas across the lake, or simply to arrive here at the restaurant without having to come by car.

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