Wakeboard and waterski school on Lake Como - ITALY

For 40 years club Morgan has been a national school recognized by the Italian water ski federation (FISN) for water skiing and wake boarding. Learning from the beginning or just looking to improve your technique couldn’t be easier, thanks to the 3 boats adapted to all levels, and all the latest equipment. The presence of one of our qualified instructors will take you to the next level.



Born in America in the late 80’s, wakeboarding has evolved to become a spectacular sport. Similar to snowboarding, it is executed using a board strapped to your feet and the wake of the boat to propel you in the air enabling jumps and spectacular rotations. It’s a sport for all ages and thanks to the easy progression it gives great satisfaction, even from the beginning. Our trampoline allows you to practice new tricks on dry land before attempting them in the water.


Water skiing is the more classic, compared to wakeboarding. It is performed using 1 or 2 skis. When 2 skis are used the sensation is similar to snow skiing, with the difference being you are towed by the boat, but it must be said that the when you fall it is much softer to fall in water than on ice! Mono skiing is more technical and elegant and will give you a feeling like no other.


Wakeskating, as the name tells us, is a aquatic version of skate boarding. It is practiced by using a board with no bindings, but a pair of shoes instead. Other than being great fun it is a great way to train for wakeboarding because it takes a lot of balance.


Wakesurf was born by certain surfers who, in the absence of waves started towing eachother behind the boat, which then lead to wake boarding. Today it is possible to test this great sensation of surfing behind the boat without a rope. Club morgan has at its disposition a wakesurf and longboards of various lengths, and a boat specially weighted to create “the perfect wave”.


Definitely the more most thrilling of the classics. It is performed with no skis or boards just your barefeet….and gives you the real feeling of walking on water. Enzo was Italian champion and European recoed holder in this sport. He is the perfect person to instruct you to test the amazing feeling of skiing “barefoot”.





Mastercraft X-Star

Official boat of the pro tour and x-games, for experienced riders, produces an enormous wake with soft take off and landings.

Matteri “Mattercraft”

Perfect for skiing or wakeboard even to the highest levels. The wake is steep and gives a good “pop”on the take off.

Airon Ski Pro

Ideal boat for waterskiing or wakeboarding beginners. Perfect for children with a small and soft wake.

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